Car Removals Adelaide
Posted On Mar 21 2022 | Auto Recycler

Have you discovered that your car is no more roadworthy? Do you want to give it away? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Choosing to wreck your junk car would be the best decision to make. You can give your car to car wrecker Adelaide. They not only take your car away but give you instant cash in exchange for it.

But before you wreck your car, there are some things to keep in check. Following is the to-do list. So let’s check it out.

1. Remove Your Belongings

We spend a lot of time in our cars. For example, we go to work, movies, shopping, school, vacations, trips, and more. We keep our things in the car, for instance, rain gear, hats, sunglasses, chargers, papers. There could be anything lying in your car. Over the years, it keeps adding on.

When you decide to give away your junk car, it is advised to check it thoroughly. You must remove your personal belongings. Look at all the possible places where you keep your things in the car. Some places to check are:

  • Overhead console
  • Rear seat console
  • Door pockets
  • Center console
  • Glove compartment
  • Under the seats, color mats, trunk, or cargo area
  • Armrests and dashboard

You must also take out all the important papers and documents. It is important to avoid any bad case of identity theft.

2. Getting your paperwork done

Before you give your car to the junkyard, it is very important to get your paperwork ready. First, you should have a valid car title for proving your ownership. It is possible to sell the car without ownership, but that isn’t easy.

Many car wrecker services do not bother about the title. But, if you have one, make sure to transfer the ownership to the junkyard. If not done, then you might end up incurring liabilities.

Many people do not have the title. In such a case, contact the state’s DMV. They might help you in getting the title and paperwork related to it.

3. Know about the procedure to give away your car

After removing the belongings and getting the paperwork ready, the next step is to know about the procedure to give away your car. Following are some steps:

The first step is to know the condition of your car. Ask yourself some questions mentioned below:

  • Is your car roadworthy?
  • Does your car have any damaged parts?
  • Are there are valuable parts in the car?

Answer all of these and be prepared. For example, car wrecker Adelaide might ask for these details.

4. Look for valuable parts to reuse or sell

Your car may be old or not roadworthy. But, there must be some valuable parts that can be put to use or sold. You can sell these parts to the junkyard. So, you can get some extra cash for the same. You can also keep it for your other vehicle. Valuable parts include:

  • Catalytic converter
  • Electronics like GPS or stereo systems
  • Battery
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Tires

The next step is to find the price of these valuable parts and sell them. There is quite a big market where you get a good price for such used parts.

5. Get important information about your car handy

The next step is getting all the important information about your card handy. This information includes:

  • Make, model, and year of the car
  • VIN: Vehicle Identification number
  • Condition of your car (mechanical, interior, and exterior)
  • Mileage on the odometer

Suppose your car has met with an accident or has suffered some serious damage. In that case, you have to inform the car wrecker company about the same. Wash your car and click some pictures. The car wrecker company might ask you for some pictures.

6. Finding a reputed car wrecker company in Adelaide

Once everything is done on your part, the last thing to do is look for a reputed car wrecker company Adelaide. Do a Google search or look in the local directories. You will get many companies. Check its reviews for genuineness. Good companies offer free car removal services, free paperwork, and give free quotes. You can contact them via call, mail, or fill out the form on their website.

Wrap up

Car wrecker Adelaide provides the best car wrecking services. They give a handsome amount of cash in exchange for your old/ junk/ non-roadworthy car. You can sell them your valuable parts also. You don’t have to bother selling your valuable parts to another vendor. After you contact them and give the required information. They decide a time at your convenience. They come to your location, give you cash and tow your car away.